consumers and citizens:


  • promoting the link between well-being and quality of the food
  • supply as the most important health
  • dissemination of research findings on food as a source of health
  • promotion of the Adriatic bacinco food culture as a lifestyle that combines quality, taste, enjoyment of food and health.


  • dissemination of process and product innovation in the agri-food sector
  • national and international awareness-raising activities
  • building networks among enterprises of the agri-food sector of the countries of the Adriatic (ADRIFOOD)
  • strengthening the link between the world of research and industry
  • study visits and marketing activities in the agri-food sector of the Adriatic area

the research:

  • competency mapping on innovation in food quality, safety and wellbeing
  • mobility experiences of researchers and technicians of the agri-food industry
  • formation of “agents of innovation”: technicians able to transfer knowledge and technology from research, enterprises and consumers

the public sector:

  • exchange of knowledge and methodology
  • transfer of good practices in the field of quality, traceability and food safety
  • comparison of the various regulations and proposals for simplification of the legislation on food safety and traceability